Did you read about the Buddha’s “Four Noble Truths”?
Or was 8 minutes too long to spend?

Now some more DICTIONARY definitions to chew over.

There’s a good chance I’ll write something contentious about PROBABLILITY soon, only time will tell.

Emptiness, the ultimate nature of things, is meant to sound hollow, to counter our notions of the solidity of our world of appearances — so what about compassion? Are emotions just a mistake? Or could Reality be feeling, sensitive, by nature? Here’s something to reflect upon.

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Sacred or holy things are not about religious beliefs or God-ism

Do Buddhists pray? Who to? What for? Closet God-ism or good sense?

What’s the antidote to fear? How to beat it!

So-called “Awakened Beings” – are they present but invisible? New-Age hocus-pocus or what?  (This one’s to come later this year) (no link to the future!)

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Here there is nothing to attain...
Here there is nothing to attain…