Who, or what, are we? Can knowledge tell us? Do we suffer for believing it? Sort it out, Five!

You might not assume rebirth as applying to you, but you do hold with the idea of birth. So how much of your life has depended upon the circumstances of your birth? 90%? Could it actually be 100%? If you credit any of your present life to the facts of your birth, then hadn’t you better consider that it all may happen again? How would you prepare for that in this life now? Reflect on this…

Meditate focussing on body sensations, and look for the experiencer – is it a subject -object world? What is happening here?

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All we are is experience, how awful it would be if we cut ourselves off from experiencing! Yet that’s what we do, we frame everything through a mental view that we are a separate being having experience of a world. Stop this madness! Here’s the medicine: Cutting Ourselves Off

What’s your next rebirth going to be? Don’t ask if you believe in rebirth, ask how confident you are that you will never be born in another situation. On the basis of no evidence for this, prepare for rebirth! Er, how exactly do we do that? My thoughts exactly… see Birth & Rebirth

Time to get fearless in our interrogation of thinking! Just remember, if life is a dream, that’s not the same as not dreaming. Following the piece about the “I” we think we are, we’ll question any other thing we might think about, and finally see how to root out fixed underlying beliefs in our thinking. Stay tuned!


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In the series on insight in meditation we’re musing on thoughts and who has them. We don’t choose what thoughts to have, yet we claim whatever thought comes as mine? Crazy! They’re not mine? Crazier!

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Do Buddhists have beliefs? Or is it actually non-Buddhists that do? Watch out for the wolf!

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Another instalment of my Dictionary: find out what those tricksy words really mean! The truth about EMOTIONS.

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We’ve questioned our idea of a real person, so what am I? The mirror shows someone different each time, yet I feel it’s the same me looking. Curious!.

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Are Awakened Beings (like Avalokiteshvara / Chenrezig / Kuan Yin / Kannon) real people that we can’t see? Why do Buddhists use them in various practices? Which prompts the question: what is a real person? It’s not a simple as you may think, especially if you assume that a person has more than one lifetime. And even more so if you question what exactly you are, and whether your assumptions about your self are true.

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Why do Buddhists do “retreats”? Is this basically self-obsessed navel-gazing? Surely not! Yet they/we do practise “mind over matter”… that is, valuing their mind more than the (so-called) real world. It’s a cause of real misunderstandings — so read and be clear on the wonders of:- The Pointing Inwards Principle

Five Cram Buddhist website

Are you a creative person? Or creative in your everyday self-expression? Is it all a pointless way to bolster the self that brings you suffering? How could it be part of your path to Awakening yourself and others? Click here to read on!

Dharma pigeons Five

Emptiness, the ultimate nature of things, is meant to sound hollow, to counter our notions of the solidity of our world of appearances — so what about compassion? Are emotions just a mistake? Or could Reality be feeling, sensitive, by nature? Here’s something to reflect upon.

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Here there is nothing to attain...
Here there is nothing to attain…