My book of the spiritual path, START HERE – the Path to Awakening will be out soon, with chapters on the horrors of samsara, supportive conduct, meditation, questioning our idea of self, philosophy, love, death, the mysteriousness of awareness, and the deep vision of Buddhism.

A brief introduction to each of these areas is followed by verses written from my personal experience, a mixture of snappy ditties and more poetic forms.

The aim is to invite anyone, whatever their inclination – poetic, spiritual, or neither – to muse on topics which are crucial to us all. Love? Death? Neither can be avoided: get the low-down on it all. You’ll see the limerick put to some heavy-duty work lightening up your way!

START HERE – the Path to Awakening

“I like your poems, and I especially appreciate the song lyric approach. We need Dharma songs, and I see you as playing a role there.”
David Loy, author of ‘Money, Sex, War, Karma’, ‘Awareness Bound and Unbound’, ‘Ecodharma’, and others

“These pieces, be they poems, songs, sonnets, odes and even haiku, emerge spontaneously from his reflections and Dharma practice – insights dawning as he shares these with us. May they spark those same insights in us all!”
Lama Shenpen Hookham, founding teacher of the Awakened Heart Sangha, author of ‘The Guru Principle’, ‘There’s More To Dying Than Death’, and others

“They are truly short (but deep) Dharma lessons! I now wish for everybody to have a copy!”
Pema Ozer, Buddhist teacher

More than 90 versifications – plenty to ponder upon, wonder about, chime with: what rings true for you on your path?

Watch out for the launch, or send me your email address now (see below) to hear the moment it’s ready to buy. There will be a link on this page to have your copy posted directly to you.

P.S. While you’re waiting for this one, you could get hold of my new book of personal verse, the CALLING

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