Dictionary 3

RENUNCIATION – Giving up something for the sake of something else more valuable- a natural choice. Harder to understand is the renunciation of those who give up the possibility of bliss and freedom for the sake of passing pleasures and delusional pride.

SECURITY – in a world of changing things, this is a meaningless impossibility. In Unchanging Awareness it is also meaningless, since it would have no possible opposite.

BRAIN – Contorted lump of jelly taking the role, in post-Christian mythology, of a controlling God (a role also ascribed to genes, hormones, and money).
The brain is posited as the organ causing thinking – the source for this theory being, er, thinking. Maybe thinking doesn’t want us to see that it is the controlling God to whose will we submit?

HEAD – Something that exists in your thoughts (not vice versa) *

THINKING – Thing-King: it makes direct experience into things

POSITIVE THINKING – Choosing a kinder master… but why be a slave to thinking at all? Choose Dharma.

INTERDEPENDENCE – This only appears, dependent on that, that depends on the other, everything depends on something else: what is it all really?

It’s not nothing, but it’s not what it presently appears to be. It’s not interdependent things, since there are no independent things to depend upon each other. It sounds like a house of cards as drawn by Escher, resting upon itself – an optical illusion. Interdependence is only half the story.

ILLUSION – something appears, but it isn’t what it appears.

WE – your identity, and mine.

FRIEND – someone who nurtures your ego, i.e. an enemy.
ENEMY – someone who threatens your ego, a true friend.

HUMBLE – just that little bit better at self-effacement than others.

GENEROSITY – reminding yourself that we all depend on each other – and you’re in a minority of one.


  • (with thanks to Lama Shenpen)

4 thoughts on “Dictionary 3

  1. Dear Fivey,

    You’ve done it again……… you’ve scattered just the right lamps to illumine my current ignorance.

    My Ex French Lover decided he’s going to visit not the Tibten border (as planned) with our best friend, but here. I told him not to. He comes anyway. Arrives today and leaves tomorrow. Wants to talk. Which scares me………. however, having read through your Piece several times, I feel easier, dharmic light on all words and the blessing of connection are stronger than the illusion of fear.

    Send some wisdom on the wind please!

    And now I settle down to formless…….

    Love always, and see you soon,

    Eli ________________________________


  2. There are just two of your definitions here that I have a problem with.
    Far from being a lump of jelly the human brain is proving to be an organ of immense complexity. Apart from the anatomical detail, networks and pathways documented and investigated by neuroanatomists and neurophysiologists even the mathematicians are now getting involved! The recent application of algebraic topology is suggesting ephemeral structures in the brain of at least 7 dimensions involved in thinking, learning and remembering.

    There seems to be some confusion in your definition of “thinking” which is merely a process that has developed by evolution because it gives us a survival advantage (over the non-thinkers). The brain is ever-evolving to refine and facilitate this process which has no intrinsic identity and so is in no position to “want” anything.


    1. Have you not fallen prey to both Gods – believing your thinking, and worshipping the brain?
      Or is it Evolution which you believe is the Creator God?
      Maybe algebraic topology has overlooked your sense of humour?


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