Elements of Love

Hills froth green, conquering tide of leaves

a cover-up for the deprivation

of bare winter’s brown. I strain

to create that burgeoning bloom,

subsume bony branches in soft verdure:

honour fearlessly my green love.


Pure snow drifts, nowhere else to be,

soft smudges of white display space,

ever-yielding, accommodating all.

That’s how my love is, transparent,

unbounded, a lesson to snow-blind

short-sightedness, an ever-turning wheel.


Deep sky is perfect blue, utter clarity,

mirror to my heart’s precision;

a filament of lightning touches earth,

says I know this love,

I understand: endless, effortless

as a clear running stream.


Sun brilliants the yellow sand,

our earth is myriad jewels – we’re rich!

Fearing insatiable emptiness, I possess,

possess, the sheer net worth of it all:

my love is giving, at peace

in our bond of equalness.


Seeing this vermilion flower, epitome

of shape holding colour, intense as

fire, it’s a passion, my love,

I feel this red in my heart,

a living web pulling us close,

never losing our fine distinctions.


We’re facets of this jewel, flashing

our colours, drawn always to their

finest light.

One thought on “Elements of Love

  1. Dear Five, i love this poem. Particularly “honour fearlessly my green love…” XxxLesley

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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