Your Choice

Fear is a choice. Like heroin.
Fall for the lure of fear,
you’ll choose it again and again.
Feeding on itself,
dragging you deeper
into its pit.

It’s not the fear that grips:
fear makes the idea of ‘you’ grip you.
Clever. Now you’re trapped.
As long as your thoughts
wheel round a you,
you’ll never be short of a fear.

It’s a prison of uselessness,
you’re sabotaged:
locked into the tiny,
endless, project of you.
You can never get all you want,
never make yourself totally safe,
but you can waste a good life trying.

Thoughts of fear come knocking?
Make another choice fast, or they’re in.

* * * * *

The other choice?
It’s what’s in your heart,
always there, overridden
by every anxioius thought.

Heart is where your life is,
unfolds your purpose,
gives Your Life to the world.
Fear steals it for a self
that can never use it.

Those you admire,
those with a mission, never have room
for such disabling thoughts,
sucking them into self-obsession.
What do they protect?
– their mission more than their life.

* * * * *

Fear is a priceless jewel,
your best friend ever:
a prickly shock every time
you miss the chance
to connect to heart
– offering you your life back.