Comes the question, comes the Guide

– my heart was prisoner to commotion –

as cork in water, up it springs:

“What is devotion?”


I make a bow to show respect,

obeisance in my mind I try

– unfeigned my longing though, for peace.

This came as reply:


“The beautiful inspires love,

goodness draws us to its gleam.

Goodness, beauty, truth and love:

a robe without a seam.


Nothing here to do or think,

as current takes a willing boat,

no place here for false pretence,

no room to dote.


Hungry, lost, or in distress

and rescued by a hand unknown:

gratefulness is not an act,

it comes on its own.


Follow where your heart shall lead,

with all the naturalness of youth,

till heart and you are no more two:

fall in love with Truth!”


The oyster smiled, I glimpsed the pearl,

my heart was set at peace again:

devotion is what you become.

I became it then.