Are my thoughts really mine?

What is the truth of the situation of there being no-one who decides each thought we have, and no observable mind or person who knows these thoughts as they occur?

We cannot conceive how it is without a model. We can investigate the model, They are my thoughts and we find it not coherent with experience; we can try the model, These thoughts I am having are not my thoughts and that does not make sense either.

When we talk about thinking we need a way to express it, even just to think for ourselves about thoughts we need some way to conceive the situation. How do we then not believe that this is the truth, and either reinforce self-belief or sound (and go?) crazy?

We may decide to try ‘disowning’ thoughts, without ascribing them to another entity; this may allow us to distance our beliefs from the trap of taking all thinking as being what we are. This would be a temporary antidote.

What is the final answer to this conundrum? We need to check again and again until we have certainty that no way we can find to imagine it or express it actually fits the experience we find in meditation. We are left with the same mystery of how-it-is, or”Suchness” as we find with other aspects of Awareness. This is the Middle Way, of neither one thought-model or another, but an experiential truth which cannot be described.

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