Dictionary #6

Money – the value of what you don’t have;

– a fraudulent claim to represent value: a fixed currency amount hides a changing purchasing value.

Insurance – a gamble on your possessions being lost, stolen or damaged. If they’re not, you lose your hefty stake. If they are, you win! But not enough to repay your past stakes or replace the possessions. (Gambling Rule #1: the bookie always wins.) A safer bet: buy shares in the insurance company

Profit – scam by which the co-operation required to meet everyone’s needs is harnessed to the inexhaustible engine of greed;

– lightly picking many pockets to sumptuously line your own.

Easy terms – easy for them to charge you more. Payment method of choice for Armageddonists.

Accountant – professional who examines your finances closely before setting their fee.

Lack – desire, festered to a blackhead – best popped a s a p. The ownerless cup of Awareness is always full! A thought of lack is a thought of a lacker.

Miser – someone clinging on desperately to… the illusion of a separate self

Parasite – interdependence taken as a lifestyle. Kindly promoting someone else’s generosity ahead of your own.

Security – a meaningless word. Does not refer to anything that could exist. N.B. not even your grave, though that’s your next hope.

Rich – attending to what you have, rather than what you don’t.

“Wealth-creation” – wealth appropriation. Where did it come from – our shared earth, or other people?

The meek may inherit the world, but only after the arrogant have ransacked it.

Pieces of Five Buddhist clarity

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