Dictionary 5

EMOTIONS– Danger signals to the heart’s antennae. Like hitting your thumb with a hammer, only instead of your nerves alerting you to the mistake, your heart does. Don’t fixate on the warning-light, fix the fault.

PRIDE – (1) claiming ownership of the results of previous good karma, i.e. letting ego make bad karma out of it.

— (2) adjusting the noose of samsara comfortably around your neck

ANGER – (1) violently rejecting unwanted experience, i.e. making bad karma by resisting the results of bad karma

— (2) panic reaction to the underlying fear of annihilation of the “self” (see Dictionary 2)

BLISS – spontaneous reaction to realising that the self whose annihilation you feared never existed anyway.



HOPE – preferring a dodgy investment in the future to cashing in on the present .

DESPAIR – not liking the future which you only invented because you didn’t like present reality, i.e. lousy fantasising.

FEAR – negative experiences on credit: having the suffering before the event.

ANXIETY – fear of not achieving your strategy for happiness

UNHAPPINESS – depending on things working out a certain way.

DEPRESSION – spurning any love but self-love – without noticing that.

SUFFERING – samsara’s magic exit-door: when you see through it you go through it.


pieces of five image by 5


BLISS – delight in experience

WONDER – the fruit of wondering: delicious, nutritious!

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  1. Thank you Five.

    Words dropped into my sea view. Nuggets of gold for the heart.


    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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