Dictionary 2

EYE – thing that sees anything but itself
I – thing that sees anything but itself

I – An almost universal superstition, elevated to a religion by writing it with a capital, like “God”. In a saner world, “we” would have the capital. *

ILLUSION – adding what isn’t there – and believing it’s what is.

SELF – A thought that there is something separate from thought which has thoughts.

SELF-ESTEEM – (1) closing the padlock of pride and keeping the empty box in a safe place.
– (2) giving yourself a double shot of suffering: first you have an idea of yourself – then you judge how good you think it is.

LIFE – If you think you have it, you fear to lose it. If you observe what you actually have, you’ll discover it’s unloseable.

DEATH – (1) No opposite state to life can be imagined. But we call it ‘Death’ anyway.
– (2) Awareness’s ‘dark matter’ – theoretically posited and unprovable.

SOUL – (1) a theory of permanent ego
– (2) You don’t know what is the essential You that goes from life to death and rebirth (/heaven?) until you know what it is in this life that is the essential you that goes from one moment to the next. When you find that, you won’t need a theory of souls.

SUICIDE – (1) Futile attempt to avoid negative karma …by killing someone.
– (2) Cheating at renunciation

*(with credit to Ambrose Bierce)

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