Keep the World Safe

You just don’t recognise that you’re infectious,
that’s the danger – then you think there’s just
a single threat, but everything goes viral,
everything. We must consider others –
think of this: if all of us had all
the antibodies, life would be safe.

One day it dawns, I’m a walking talking
superspreader! A danger to myself
and all I meet. I need to wear a mask,
or even better hide myself away
in quarantine. I think of all the terrible
conditions I could pass on…

Fear, for one: anxiety, the scourge
of modern life. Alcohol, TV
and tranquillisers are no defence against
an enemy that lodges like a cancer
in our bones. Social isolation
is the answer, safe in quarantine.

Comparison: a harmless tic that brings
all sorts of ills. Heads it’s arrogance
tails it’s envy, someone comes off worst
whichever way – secondary infections
like judgement, discrimination, follow
like pneumonia. We must stop the spread!

Antagonism: taking sides fosters
hate and anger, temperature and blood
pressure rise… small-mindedness
distorts the vision… feverish desire
and possessiveness – it’s a plague
to engulf the world. Where’s the vaccine?

Which am I? A vector, sick with superbugs
like these, or can I help to make
the herd immune? I need to see our deep
intrinsic sameness, our universal equalness
of heart, develop confidence
in such a truth – I need quarantine.

Antibodies? The only real protection
from this madness: an underlying condition
of Peace. A lifetime’s quarantine
would be a bargain to be Patient Zero
for this Ease. Till then I’ll keep my mind
in lockdown, keep the world safe.



© Five Cram 27 May 2020



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