April Again

April again, and this hedge,

a tangle of sticks and string

for so long, finds green

optimism, pulled like a

silk hanky from its sleeve.


It’s the breath of seasons,

drawing in, holding, daring

to show delicate green,

swelling in swagger for summer,

till autumn’s tipping point

of panic at overstepping

an imagined Plimsoll line.


Disown these brash displays!

Pull in the sails, suck

life back to the marrow,

present a hard shell,

shelter tender feelings

through another winter.


April again, so long

holding my breath, can I

allow budding love

its surging green confidence?



see also Shyness

2 thoughts on “April Again

  1. Dear Five, you are such a good poet, i hope you are making a book, even if you have to publish it yourself. Be lovely to have a collection. Hope you are noth really well. I might possibly be beginning to relax! Love to you and herself. XxxxGrizelda 

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