Are you being conned by your own thinking?

The Four Noble Truths of thinking — to be discovered in meditation:-






What kind of separate “I” could do thinking? Thinking does thinking!

Where is this “I” that I think thinks? Thinking thinks “I think”!


THINKING HAPPENS – whether ‘you’ ask for thinking or not, it’s natural to ordinary mind.
There’s no ‘you’ choosing to think – that ‘choosing’ would itself be thinking.
Can you argue with this?

THINKING THINKS WHAT IT WANTS – is it true there is a you who chooses what to think? Seems so sometimes? Check that assumption (/thought). Don’t thoughts arise out of other thinking?

Once you start to ‘disown’ thinking and see it as being a thing on its own, can you fault that way of seeing it? Doesn’t it behave according to its own rules, habits, ways of thinking, favourite ruts, to sensations encountered, to other people’s thoughts encountered (via any medium) and to the preceding thought?

You only think that there’s a you thinking these thoughts. But it’s THINKING that THINKS THERE’S AN I THINKING. Isn’t that true?

What if you see thinking  as something which just happens in your awareness? Almost that it happens to you – but now you no longer know what that ‘you’ would be.

This “beyond-thinking You” would be nothing but a field or space of awareness, the fact of being aware, of anything being ‘known’ by awareness, the amazing unexplainable presence of awareness, the “I Am-ness” (and nothing else).

Nothing but that… i.e. it’s Everything.
Made into ‘things’ and ‘events’…  or not.

What then?

the path is long - but where else to go

Since time is no object, we could throw ourselves completely off the thinking trail, with truth #4:

We entertain the first three “Truth” thoughts – for thoughts is what they are – to counter the ways we already conceive of ourselves and the thinking we notice. Will we ever find the “right thought”, or do conflicting thoughts leave us without a thought to hold onto?

Consider time. The present moment, if you get precise about it, is infinitesimally short. However short we define it to be, we could imagine halving that time. Every instant the “now” of before has completely gone. But we could notice that now is not an isolated moment, in fact “now” goes on indefinitely! It is unending, infinite. So two opposite ways of thinking about it are both apparently true. (Sounds suspiciously like light being a wave and a particle.)

So neither way is appreciating the reality directly, both are trying to represent it in thinking. Check the notion we always have, that something happened in a previous moment. It’s so basic to how we see the world that it seems daft to question it. But notice that we can never be sure of that, since it is only a “present moment” thought that there was a previous moment.

Look in meditation at the present moment – it constantly eludes us. By the time we identify it, we are in a present moment thought and the thought or experience we are identifying is not happening.

The path is long.

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