Dictionary #8 meditation

Shamatha – the joy of non-attachment

Vipassana – Wondering about your experience without making it a separate thing to look at

Insight – the spark of friction between how you think things are and direct experience.

Dukkha – the feel of deluded-thinking

Binge-thinking – affliction discovered by meditators

Freedom – seeing the emptiness of thinking and non-existence of thinker

Meditation – Dropping the intention to interact with your experience.

Distraction – trying to know your experience through thinking. Duality

Memory – the thought of what you thought happened.

Separation – illusory condition, imagined only in thought

Pray – wanting someone else to listen to you – maybe you will hear yourself

Pray – begging for a supernatural power to help you change what is – ignoring the super, natural power of being at one with what is

Pieces of Five dictionary

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