Dictionary #7

awake – knowing what is happening,
cf Awake = knowing what “happening” is.

Awake – funeral party for a life of dreams

Enlightenment – the heart getting lighter means something was dropped… the dead-weight of dukkha.
A drowning person letting go of the concrete block they were gripping as if their life depended on it.

Liberation – committing selficide. Dragon-slaying – killing what never existed in the first place

Boredom – temporary lapse in ego support.
cf Enlightenment – permanent lapse in same.

Confusion – not being able to grasp your experience conceptually… [see Wisdom]

Wisdom – being able to not grasp your experience conceptually

Awakening – the journey from ignorance to… not-knowing?

Path – first you have to know you don’t know, so then when you Know, you know you Know.

Retreat – advance. Seeking the highest spiritual evolution by going back to living in caves.

Realisation – Knowing, free of understanding.

Belief – an unquestioned thought. Thoughts believe themselves, there is no “I” to believe, separate from thoughts. (The thought which questions a thought is itself just a thought.)

Faith (Buddhist) – realisation, tested, and followed by confidence;

Faith (Blind) – hearsay or guesswork, grasped, and followed by defence.

Sky – a metaphor for the Spiritual, what lies beyond earthly things… viewed from an earth-bound perspective. From the perspective of sky, sky does not exist. Thus it is a good metaphor for the Spiritual.

Ego – the delusional flaw of someone less enlightened than me.

Cookie – valuable object of meditation: look directly at its Essential Nature (it crumbles).

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One thought on “Dictionary #7

  1. Dear Five, this is great, it made me smile with several inner ‘yes’! I love especially your definition of boredom, retreat-advance and sky – so much to the point and at the same time witty and wise and poetic –


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