Rattle your cage!

Buddha pointed out the dangers of clinging to views, praising any monk who,

“…abandoning the views he had previously held, and not taking up another, he does not seek a support, even in knowledge… he does not have recourse to a view at all.”

Paramatthaka sutta “On Views” S.N. 4.

Our most tightly-held views are the most subtle, the ones we would never question. “Things are real”, “There is a past, present and future”, “I am thinking”, “I am sitting here”. Is there anything wrong with these statements? How can we find our fixed views, and when we suspect them, how can we test, and then counter them?

Try the opposite statement, is that just as true? More true? Can’t know?

“There is no I thinking, there is only thinking”?
“Past and future are not real, cannot be experienced”?
“Things are inexact labels”?

In my writings here, on thinking for example, have I faced you with statements to test or counter your views? Nothing I say is of any use unless you try it out for yourself. Your answer will be useless too, unless it is an experience.

Is thinking something knowing it?

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