If time stopped…

– how long would it be

before it started again?


If everything were twice as big,

– oh it is.


If space is curved,

could it be that

earth really is flat?


If only…

there were no wishful thinking…


If everything sooner or later

changes into something else,

what’s it all made of?


If the future becomes the present,

and the present becomes the past,

and future and past are only thoughts,

the present must be a thought.

What if we stop thinking?


If everything were

just our imagination,

– oh it is.


If you are in your dreams

– where are THEY?


If everything either happens or does not,

what’s the likelihood

that probability is meaningless?


If the thoughts you have are yours

why can’t you stop them?


If you see everything

as someone else’s fault,

don’t blame me!


If everything is temporary,

we are surfing the wave of now.

What’s the water?


If a film by Lindsay Anderson

didn’t win an Oscar punctuation is vital.

“If”, a film by Lindsay Anderson,

didn’t win an Oscar. Punctuation is vital.


If all about you are losing their heads,

pick up a spare one, quickly!


If you know your own mind,

does it know you?


If there’s a gap

between the mind

and its object…

“Mind the gap”.


If you are one self,

how can you have internal conflicts?


If suffering comes from believing in a self

– who is it who’s believing this?


If hypothetical situations don’t exist…


3 thoughts on “If

  1. Catching up with myself and emails (in that order) today. Found this gem.

    Haven’t told you recently how much I love you Five. This poem reminded me. Your mind, your creativity, your questioning, your lightness that makes even the solidity of terre firma feel effervesant.

    Thank you for all of it!

    Xxxx ________________________________


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