Dictionary 4

RITES – much-cherished dogma, a matter of belief only, ultimately unsupported by any evidence or cosmic law.

RIGHTS – ditto

DEPRESSION — anger without the enthusiasm.

LONELINESS — thinking only of yourself

PITY — Pride flavoured with compassion

COMPASSION — sensitivity experienced without the delusion of a separate self.
— our true nature recognising the suffering of another as itself.

ENVY — Someone else’s good fortune, seen through an inferiority complex.

COMPARISON — A dangerous weapon, whose handle is a blade.

REJOICE – recognising goodness and warming yourself by its fire

BODHICITTA — Awakening to any degree is that degree of Bodhicitta.

Renunciation is Bodhicitta. Others’ suffering is my Bodhicitta. Having Lineage which others don’t have is Bodhicitta.
In the end, even breathing becomes Bodhicitta. What a long road!

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