If we don’t live in a blame-free world – whose fault is that?

Feeling guilty =

– punishing yourself endlessly and uselessly for something you cannot undo.

– judged and labelled (and we all know judging is wrong, wrong wrong!)

– entranced by an exhibit in the museum of your past

– your motto: “A bad self is better than no self.”

– fallout from someone’s blaming


Blaming =

– a story told by ego to polish its virtue

– denying responsibility for your own experience

– the 10th unwholesome action, holding non-Dharmic views — denying karma.


Forgiveness =

– having invented blame, you now need to invent forgiveness.

– an attempt to undo blame – but you can’t undo the past

– you can’t have forgiveness without blame. Why bother with either?

What’s to forgive? The mistake was your blame, deal with that.


Praise and blame =

– an illusion in the mind of a self-appointed judge, kindly offered to you

– an identity for your ego, as “good” or “bad”

— praise can be manipulation: ‘This is how to please me’

– decline this poison! Notice what you did that helped or didn’t, and decide yourself what to do about it


And see also Not Guilt and Blame-free world 2

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