My Place of Safety

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Place of Safety ~2

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“Safety” relates to conditions in the external world, or in our mental world of thoughts and emotions. However, the wish for safety has its roots in our deepest nature. The particular intrinsic quality to which it refers is fearlessness. We can identify this in ourselves by looking at how it feels either to be anxious, or to be confident: the option which feels peaceful is confidence. Confidence, lack of fear and anxiety, is part and parcel of our ultimate wish for peace, harmony, freedom, connection, love, understanding, and so on.

What is the end of that spectrum of increased confidence? Complete fearlessness, absence of vulnerability and self-concern, and this would come from certainty of our intrinsic nature as Indestructible Awareness. The more we can transfer our allegiance from identifying with the idea of being a separate self, to realising the underlying truth of our existence as pure Awareness, the safer we will feel. The need to find or create safety in the appearances of the external world will be exchanged for the freedom of having nothing to defend, of knowing we are nothing which could be in the least vulnerable.

4 thoughts on “My Place of Safety

  1. Dear Fivey,

    ……….. thank you once again.

    May we and all beings set our hearts compass firmly on that end goal.

    Love always,


    PS what to do when I sincerely wish that, yet still act too often in another direction? Just keep coming back? Or do you have another trick up your sleeve…….

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    1. The Buddha explained that we need to work on all three levels: –
      restrain unwholesome actions,
      restrain unwholesome thoughts,
      remove the prapanchas (deluded assumptions) which allow those thoughts to come up at all.
      That’s pretty much the whole Path!


  2. Whilst both dharma teaching and objective investigation concur that our separate self is an illusion it appears also likely that ” awareness” (pure or not) is a product of evolution and so is just one aspect of “us”.


    1. Remind me, how did Awareness evolve, and from what?
      If Dharma is the “science of personal experience”, what is your personal experience of evolution?


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