Change is as Good as a Rest

Here in my personal theatre of experience

I notice the show that’s exclusive to me

doesn’t stay fixed for as long as a second,

even my thoughts and emotions run free.


I sit and watch the flow in meditation,

suddenly as clear as a bell

I see the reason change is such frustration,

and who caused impermanence as well.


We did, with the notion to make names for

objects in the world – some hope!

Like trying to make a dictionary of patterns

seen inside a toy kaleidoscope.


The reason every thing we know

is doomed to suffer change?

There never was a “thing” to catch 

inside our net of names.


Our concepts are good for a purpose

– a spanner that never quite fits

then when we take them as gospel,

that’s when the suffering hits.


Suppose we try to name all the clouds 

drifting across the sky…

it’s a hopeless task, we don’t stand a chance,

only a fool would try…


bur notice this if you will:

The clouds move, the sky 

stands still.

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